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The vision and mission of Makeda21 is that; everyone is born with talents and should be given the conducive environment and opportunity to explore these talents. And on these bases develop an entrepreneurial attitude that can sustain him or her for the rest of their life. In the first instance, this will be for the benefit of one’s own personal development. Secondly, it will benefit the society to which one belongs, irrespective of one’s origin or the phase of life that one is currently going through.

Even when you are at a crossroad in your life or you have reached a place in your life where you are not making any headway, by exploring your (untapped) talent you can make progress. However, those who seek to contribute to the development of youth’s talent, with their gained knowledge and experiences, have more to offer the youth when they’ve learned from the process if they want to become a good and professional Coach: Junior Talent Exploration.

Profile of Ingrid Gumbs (founder and director MAKEDA21 TALENT TRAINING & COACHING)


ingrid_gumbsI completed my first career in the Healthcare sector as an Intensive Coronary Care nurse and a teacher for Healthcare both at educational institutes for Higher Vocational Training for Nurses. As a result of these experiences I have become more appreciative of preventive Health Care.
My love for culture was developed during my study; Cultural Training, at the Social Academy. Later on in my life I furthered this training with the following studies; Basic knowledge of the Western philosophical movements of the 20th century, with special attention on the Philosophy of Culture, Eastern Philosophy, African and Caribbean and studies. In 2005, based on these backgrounds, I got the opportunity to work together with other members of the “Derde Kamer” ( Third Chamber of the Dutch parliament on the Millennium Goals for 2015) . Also take a look at the Bill Gates – Speech at United Nations – millennium development goals.“.

I have also acquired practical knowledge on policy and management from my participation and involvement as a board member in the following organizations; Stichting Provinciale Vrouwenraad , Zuid –Holland (an advice foundation for women emancipation and empowerment), Stichting Migranten Vrouwen Oriënteren zich op de Samenleving (MIVRO ORSA ), a foundation for women migrants who focuses on societal issues, Stichting Radio en TV Rijnmond (radio and TV establishments), Stichting Rotterdam Festival (a Rotterdam festival foundation). And as a member of a supervisory board in a Hospital in Rotterdam. To substantiate these Public Administration experiences I’ve followed Academic studies in Public Administration, with a specialization in Public Private Administration and Management of the Public sector.

These gained experiences, are the basis of the MAKEDA21 TALENT training, workshops and coaching sessions. The expertise of the team members and interaction between the members and the participants ads an extra dimension to the curriculum of MAKEDA21.

Finally, I am convinced that a healthy dose of humor, respect for yourself and for others makes life much more pleasant for both yourself and your surroundings.

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